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"Beauty without endangering your safety"

Please read the following contraindicators to verify medical eligibility. Some treatments are not for everybody.

Ultrasonic Cavitation/RF Skin Tightening:

People with kidney failure, liver failure, heart disease, carrying a pacemaker, pregnancy, lactation, under 18 years of age, metal in treatment area, history of cancer, impaired immune system, or skin disorders are not suitable candidates for the cavitation treatment.

Lipo Laser:

People with seizure disorder, diabetes mellitus I & II,  impaired immune system, malignancy less than 5 years or not in remission, under 18 years old, implanted electronic devices, skin disorder, pregnant/breast feeding, liver/Kidney disease, unstable thyroid disorders, uncontrolled hypertension , congestive heart failure, cardiomyopathy , or cardiac arrhythmia

Infrared Pressotherapy:

People with acute venous inflammation, pregnant/breast feeding, deep vein thrombosis, malignant neoplasms, erysipelas, acute skin inflammation, or artery occlusions

Infrared Sauna Blanket:

People under age 12, pregnant/breast feeding. 

Please discuss the treatment with your doctor if you suffer from hemophilia, any skin disorders, multiple sclerosis, recently done surgeries, or severe body injuries or high fever

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